Library Management

 Organized Corp prides itself on the ability to maintain and streamline architectural/ design libraries to fit the needs of both your designers and clients. We as a team understand the need to discover new and innovative product while operating within billable hours. Our business model is dedicated to saving you time and effort by offering the following services:

  • General library upkeep, updating and decluttering

  • Storage management and reorganization to maximize efficiency

  • Library packing and moving 

  • Product research

  • Fostering strong representative relationships

  • Project archiving

  • Sample ordering and tracking services 

Managing Relationships

Organized Corp manages client relationships both personally and through the use of our curated up-to-date databases of local vendors and manufacturers. Select databases are available to our clients.     

Some additional databases we offer include or denote:

  • Hospitality

  • Architectural

  • Landscape

  • By America/ American

  • Mindful Materials


Organized Corp offers scheduling services for lunches, CEU presentations and Tabletop Presentations. 

  • Lunches: Presentations are either 30 minutes or 1 hour long. Lunches can be individual or group presentations depending on the office. Group lunches are 1 hour and include three reps with each rep presenting for 20 mins. 

  • CEU Presentations: Based on the needs of your Designers and Architects we can schedule an hour long CEU presentation.  

  • Tabletop Presentations: Passive week long presentations. Representatives are asked to set up a display of their products to be viewed by office staff throughout the week. Tabletop presentations increase product knowledge and understanding without taking time away from busy schedules. 






Emily Odell began Organized Corp in Los Angeles where she worked with several prominent firms building, reorganizing, and maintaining libraries. Before Organized Emily spent many years working as a sales rep and building her product knowledge in both interior and exterior products. One of her key responsibilities has been to serve as a product expert and critical information source for executive level architects and interior designers. Emily moved to Denver in 2006 to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer and to grow her business into a new state. Emily has a B.S. degree in Textile Design from Syracuse University.


Account Services Director

Maggie Odell is Emily's daughter and grew up in interior design and architectural libraries. One of her earliest memories is an architect giving her a maraca to shake in the car on the way home from a long day of sorting p-lam chips. She was four. After a stint as the Architecture and Design Sales Representative for the Rocky Mountain Region with Benjamin Moore she is back working with Organized. Maggie now lives in Chattanooga, Tn with her family and is working 100% remotely for Organized, doing research and rep scheduling. Maggie has a B.S. in Business Management from Johnson & Wales University.