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Designscapes Colorado   

15440 East Fremont Drive, Centennial, CO 80112 

DLR Group- Denver    

1401 Lawrence St

Denver, CO 80204 


475 Lincoln St.

Denver, CO 80203 


"I have been working with Organized Corporation for over 10 years. The level and depth of material and manufacturer representative knowledge Organized provides is unmatched. Organized has provided excellent customer service with quick, accurate response times, consistently. When I need material samples, specifications, material performance information, or any material related research including mockups, the response is quick and accurate. I feel I am able to do my job at a higher level, accurately as long as I have Organized as part of my team."

                                -Cherie Dice (HDR)

"We aren't sure what we would do without Organized Corp, Emily and her team keep all our library needs and vendor scheduling under control so we can keep focus on projects." 

                                -Kim Gaiko (Studio Atlantis)

"Organized keeps us whipped into shape! They truly operate as an extension of our staff - I love knowing that I can always email Emily with a finish material or rep question and she is always there to help. Having Organized is a huge time saver, keeping our library tidy and up to date with the latest materials and resources."

                                -Sarah McGarry (Stantec)

"I collaborate with Organized Corp on a weekly basis in a dedicated approach to keep our customers informed.  Emily and her team have comprehensive product knowledge and know how to position my portfolio, an evolving catalog of 8,000 materials.  Ultimately, Organized Corp delivers materials that inform design, benefiting our industry as a whole."

                                -Kellie Bailey (Designtex)

"Tabletops are an integral part of my overall Rep activities as they bring product awareness into firms that can be perused on the designer's own schedule. That awareness is helpful when you get the face to face time. Tabletops allow us to stay engaged with the community and watch the trends." 

                          -Ange Ard (Elevation Modern)

"Emily and Malcolm have been an enormous help to me for over 5 years now and I've always loved their support! I recently made a big move from Hord Coplan Macht to Anderson Mason Dale Architects to start their Interior Design studio. I was happy to learn that after working with Emily for years at HCM, AMD was also a customer of hers. They made my transition much easier by providing manufacturer's contact information that I lost in the move along with helping me order samples, give product recommendations, organize product presentations, and understand the AMD library. They both are extremely knowledgeable about different finishes that are popular, durable, and green along with having relationships with the manufacturer's reps in the Denver market. They're always very responsive and willing to help with whatever's needed. We're currently even working on our second Pret-a-Porter project together! With Emily's background in fashion design, she's a great seamstress, creative, and has a great understanding of fashion. They're also just super fun and good people! I would highly recommend working with them to anyone in the design industry." 

                          -Denise Czarkowski (Anderson Mason Dale)

"The team at Organized is a stellar resource for our design community in Colorado.  Emily and her team are committed, not only to organizing, but to product education and facilitating connections between specifiers and suppliers.  Organized reduces the clutter and helps us all to work more efficiently, which is a "win" in my book.  Thank you, Organized!  MDC is appreciative of support we've received over the years." 

                          -Lisa Coy (MDC)

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